Who am I?

I’m Nigel Briggs, born 1955, Manchester, England. I’ve always been interested in “making things”, thinking for myself, and not following the crowd, (you won’t find me on any internet forums).


From early experiments (at the age of 7) with simple electric circuits (bulbs, batteries, switches and wire), onto model making, transistor radios, fixing valve radios, building Hi-Fi transistor amplifier kits, building speaker enclosures, fixing electric guitars, playing in local bands, fixing valve amplifiers, building kit cars, photography, and more recently modifying valve amplifiers and producing mod kits.


Left school in 1972 to join the Central Electricity Generating Board as a student apprentice gaining metalwork/welding/brazing/basic engineering skills. Got bored so left to work in music/guitar shops in Manchester early to mid seventies, setting up guitars, fixing amps, selling musical instruments. Left to join Norweb (Electricity Utility) for more money! After twenty years got bored again so took voluntary severance to concentrate on my first love – music. Been selling guitars, amps, and mod kits ever since.


Four letters:  K.I.S.S. which stands for Keep It Simple Stupid!

Especially true with expensive high end Hi-Fi Audio amplifiers but also relevant in guitar amps, simple circuits always sound better. All components, whether active or passive, degrade sound. There is only one thing better than the very best component available, and that is, no component.

If one amplifier measures and tests better than another amplifier, but actually sounds worse, it is worse.

I only get interested in things that inspire me to play more and help express myself, whether it be a good guitar, a good amplifier, or a good speaker. Get all three right and I smile from ear to ear. I get a big kick from helping other people do the same.

Don’t believe what you read or hear (even from me!). Test and compare everything. Only you can decide what’s best for you.